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Click on the picture and go to the page with a detailed story about the escape room creation:  

escape room puzzle store

Case 1

The story of the creation of the escape room “Apocalypse”. Alicante, Spain.

The story about creation of a high-tech escape game "Apocalypse"

escape room design

Case 2

Creation of the "Matrix" escape room. Dusseldorf, Germany

The biggest escape room that I built. Read the construction report at the link below.

escape room for kids service

Case 3

Creation of "Edison - The Machine of Spirits" escape room.

Ashdod, Israel

An epic story with photos about how the real escape game is built.
With the sending of scenery and electronics from the RF.

escape room portable game

Case 4

Portable escape game 

"Hackers Attack v 2.0 "

Overview of a high-tech game about hackers.

The kit can be used as a portable game or make a stationary game room based on it.

escape room puzzle store

Case 5

Creepy "Mad Vet" escape room.

 Nice, France

A story from which you will learn how to save 10,000 euros on decorations.
And how to build the most atmospheric escape room in Nice.

escape room puzzle mystic

Case 6

Mystic escape game
"Room 1408".
Nice, France

An exciting story from the escape room construction about the hotel in which strange things happen. 

escape room horror design puzzle

Case 7

Escape room: “There is someone In this house…” construction story — from an empty room to the first game.

The story of creation the creepy performance escape room about an abandoned house.

How to make a fearful and interesting horror ...

escape room for kids blueprint

Case 8

Photo report about escape room for children.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Photo from the process of building a children's escape room "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." WITHOUT sending decorations and electronics from the RF.

escape room designer

Case 9

How the Mossad escape room was built. Ashdod, Izrael

Detailed photoreport about creation process of the escape room "Mossad - Shadow Wars" in Israel.

escape game portable set

Case 10

Portable escape game 

"Hackers Attack v 1.0"

Montreal, Canada

The story of creating a portable game that fits in multiple boxes. It is created for carrying out games at office or at the customer's house.

escape game portable set

Case 11
Escape game in an envelope is a tool for a successful word of mouth marketing

St. Petersburg, Russia

Escape game in an envelope that blows up word of mouth. Promotional mini game for an immersive game theater.

Escape room creation services

Experience in the escape games industry since 2014.

scenario for escape room

Scenarios for escape rooms

portable game escape room set

Portable (pop up) games

props for escape room

Horror props

puzzle for game

Puzzle for escape game