10 best themes for escape rooms

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With the growing popularity of escape games, the number of their species has begun to grow. At the moment in the world there are thousands of games that can satisfy almost any requests of players. The most popular themes for ERs, we will consider in this article.


A very popular theme for escape rooms with a rich selection of plot. Players in such rooms can escape from a maniac, zombies, evil aliens, and even try to escape from their own nightmare. Horror cause a lot of emotions and very well remembered. Therefore, if you managed to create a high-quality story and players believe in it, the immersive design and the corresponding riddles, you will receive a lot of visitors.


Another no less good theme for escape games. If there is not enough money for expensive electronic puzzles, then it is worthwhile to work well on the design, plot twists and an audience will be in your pocket.

Adventures are usually suitable for the whole family, so this type escape games is also in expanding the target audience.


This is an escape game involving actors. There are two sides to the coin. If you find a good actor, he will be able to raise your game to a new level. Moreover, if we talk, for example, about the plot, then the salary of an actor who will explain the plot to the players will be cheaper than electronic riddles entered into the escape room for the same purpose. On the other hand, if the actor plays badly, the players will be disappointed, and you will get something mediocre.

Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of performances among the escape rooms and they have firmly conquered their niche in the market. And this is about something says.


A very big plus of this theme is the ease of plotting, motivating and explaining to the players why they have to do something in a certain time. The bonus is also that if you have a limited budget, you can create a detective in principle from almost any scenery, and in puzzles massively use enough budget things like code-locks and ciphers.

Action escape games

For those who do not like to think long and hard about how to solve the next puzzle - action escape games, where players basically have to make decisions quickly and perform any physical actions.

If you want to open a similar escape room, please note that tasks must be balanced in complexity so that each player can complete them. You can’t put a 200 kg box in the ER for two players and expect that any visitors will be able to move it. Rope climbing, too, not for all. But to crawl through the tunnel, to quickly press the buttons and to aim at the target, can anyone.


In principle, from the name it is clear what this type of escape rooms is. Players need solving puzzles and completing tasks, to get out of the maze for certain time. The advantages are that here you can do not have a super plot. The main thing to set in the labyrinth unexpected triggers and interesting tasks. Minus - rather expensive builds due to the abundance of walls and partitions.

In the darkness

An interesting kind of escape game that can give a lot of impressions to players. In such escape rooms, participants' eyes are closed with a bandage. Players navigate in space, using only the hearing, smell, touch.

A huge plus for the escape room designer: you can to save in the creation of a decoration and a repair. Players simply will not see them. Minus: you need to make the room for the escape game as safe as possible. Players simply do not see where they are going, so something should not hang from the ceiling, nothing should be confused under their feet. Also limited to the number of puzzles that you can think of for this type of game.

High tech

Such games are usually plot related to aliens, spaceships and other futuristic devices. The advantage is that by skillfully engaging in the immersive design and high-quality riddles, you can make an excellent escape game, which stands out strongly from everything else on the market. The downside - it is usually expensive projects. If in the case of design, you can still find ways to save money, then with the electronics of the “future” you will have to sweat to find a middle ground between the wow effect and the wow cost.

Kids games

Kids escape games are not so many, and the audience is huge. Usually these are parents looking for an interesting option for celebrating a birthday and just having fun for a child. Plus - opening of this type ER in low competition. Minus - the child’s capabilities (intellectual and physical) are more limited than those of adults, which makes it harder to come up with riddles and tasks.

Erotic escape games

The age of the audience is narrowing down - players must be over 18, in some cases it is better even over 21. But nevertheless, you can make a popular game for a group of friends who want something that is different from the standard escape game.

There are not so many erotic ERs, therefore, there will be less competition when opening this kind of game. However, it is worth to balancing riddles and plot in such a way that the escape game's lead an erotica or humor on a similar theme, but not an outrageous pornography, which can disappoint and repel many players.

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Portative escape room

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The quest contains more props and is a complete replacement for the classic quest room in the new version.

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