11 life hacking how to make a great escape room and get maximum profit

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Escape rooms exist are not a first year. This entertainment industry continues to grow every year, gathering more and more people around it. People likes this immersive experience, which means opening their ER continues to be a profitable business.

However, now exit games have become much more difficult than they were at the very beginning. This fact makes them more expensive and difficult to create than they were at the very beginning of their appearance in the entertainment market. But nevertheless, there are several life hacks, relying on which, you will save a decent amount and create a competitive, interesting game.

Pick up a room without windows

If for offices and shops the lack of windows is often a minus, for an escape room this is rather a plus - the windows are not needed, since there is an extra noise coming from there. In addition, the windows are often sealed, as the view outside the windows can disturb the immersion. Thus, a room without windows, which is also usually cheaper to rent, is ideal for an escape room. The main thing is that it complies with sanitary standards, it should be dry and clean.

Larger locations are better than smaller ones.

Even if you are planning to open just one game for financial reasons, it is better to choose a room in which it will be possible to make some more games over time than to spend time and money on finding, designing and hiring employees for a new place.

It's no secret that almost always escape game is a one-time entertainment. Therefore, to make it interesting for people to come to you again, it is better to have a place to create new games.

Make a connected story

The plot should give players motivation and explain why they should do this or that action. Without a plot, players will simply perform an incoherent set of tasks that will not be stored in their memory and are unlikely to cause any emotions.

Choose such a plot for escape room, for which it is easier to find a scenery and props

The most beneficial in this regard are the plots in which you can use the decorations in the spirit of the modern era or a little earlier (20-40 years ago). A very large amount of furniture for such games can be easily found at you home, at your friends, to buy at a flea market, or even to obtained completely free of charge at a dump.

Exit games “Mad Vet” and “Room 1408” were created with this kind of decorations and props. This approach allowed saving at least 10,000 euros, than if a new furniture was bought or made to order.

Suggest something new

It is clear that a story about a maniac or an escape from prison will not surprise anyone. But everything old can easily become new and unique if you contribute something of your own. The original presentation of the plot, high-quality acting performance or surprisingly realistic design - all this can make a new, unique project from the most hackneyed plot.

Make an escape room a dynamic

Players do not have to constantly solve scanwords or sudoku for an entire hour. Tasks in the exit game should be diverse and seamlessly alternate with each other. Here, the players thought a little, there they used physical force, here they searched for something here. This will not let visitors get bored, which is very important, because they came to have fun.

Reduce costs where possible

Escape rooms with electronic riddles are interesting and entertaining. But if you are not an engineer or do not have the ability to hire an engineer to create and maintain these kinds of puzzles, it makes sense to come up with mechanical, logical puzzles, sports tasks. Also suitable riddles with chemical interaction (safe!), ciphers, code locks.

Such puzzles can be easily created by a beginner with a manuals in an Internet. It's are inexpensive to maintain and replace in case of breakage. With skillful use, they can replace expensive to create and maintain electronics devices.

Do not use fragile props

Any game item that can easily to fail or break is not suitable for ER.

In the case of breakage, the exception is quite cheap consumables, which should break down according to the story.

Glass in the exit room is unacceptable - if it breaks, there is a big risk that players will get hurt. This is a minus to the reputation.

Have a financial pillow

In the process of creating an escape room, as in any business, at one point something can go wrong. The project creation time may be lengthened, costly repairs or equipment will be required. All this increases the project budget. If you do not have a financial pillow in force majeure, you will not be able to cover the costs incurred. As a result, you will spend money on creating an ER, which will never open.

Do not neglect marketing

Start advertising your escape room worth when you are just starting to create it. Try to get as many people as possible to know that you are opening soon an interesting project that is definitely worth a visit. Attract first visitors by a discounts and interesting offers.

Come up with an easy and memorable name for your brand.

No need to make it harder for people to remember you and your product. Come up with something positive, bright and easy. Long, tricky name will be difficult for people to remember. Thus, you yourself will create difficulties in promoting an escape room.

Knowing these simple and easy-to-use tips can help you make a good, high-quality entertainment product. And if you are not confident in your abilities and are afraid to make irreparable mistakes, I will always be happy to help you. Just email me to me@super-escape-room.com or any way you can.

With respect, Vladimir Kalugin.


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The story of the creation of a portable game that fits in several boxes. It is created for carrying out games at office or at the customer's house.

Escape room creation services

Experience in the escape games industry since 2014.

Scenario for an escape room

The scenario, which describes the puzzles and the plot, is the main document for the escape room construction.
If you intend to make the escape room by yourself, you need this document. For many years I have been writing scenarios for a escape game of various formats:

- Classic escape rooms

- Outdoor escape games

- Mobile escape rooms

- Portable escape rooms

- Tourist escape games

- Gamification of excursions and museums

- Escape room for advertising a main business

Portative escape room

Portable quest games that fit in multiple boxes. Easily fit in the back seat of a car. Props and riddles are made using unique gameplay models so that the impressions of the players are as positive as possible.

The quest contains more props and is a complete replacement for the classic quest room in the new version.

Escape room construction services

Construction of escape rooms anywhere in the world. You get a unique product created by all the rules of game design. The construction process is as open and understandable as possible. Creating an escape room for any task and any format including the most non-standard solutions:

- Escape games with actors

- Real-life escape rooms

- Escape games in a bus or container

- Portable escape rooms

- Outdoor escape games

Making props for an escape rooms

Production of photorealistic body parts and corpses entirely in full size silicone. Human-made corpses for an escape room, arms, legs, fingers, organs.

If you make a horror game, silicone premium props will be a great decoration for your escape room.

- Whole body

- Legs, feet

- Hands, wrists, fingers

- Heads, eyes and organs

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