8 types of players, knowledge of which will help make your escape room better

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If you are going to open a profitable escape room, you should definitely know your customers. Knowledge of the psychology of the players will help you make more effective clues, understand how people behave in different situations and how you should behave. In addition, that you definitely need to consider when creating an escape game, so that it will serve you for a long time, delighting visitors.

So, the most common types players of an escape rooms:


He first visits escape game. Usually he is all surprised, he likes everything. But maybe happens the other way around ... Newbies are a very important type of player. Thanks to newbies, the exit games industry is growing every year more and more as the volume of consumers of this type of entertainment grows. 

In order for newbies to appreciated your escape room, you should definitely add to the game several tasks of medium difficulty that will challenge newcomers, but not so that they are disappointed in their abilities. Аnd with a certain effort they would be win and feel satisfied;


This is truly the favorite of all owners of escape rooms! He has gone through a huge number of ERs and is looking for places where he can play in something new. Some of these players may even travel to the other end of the world for an interesting escape game.

These players are the basis of the word of mouth, which advertises favorite escape rooms better than any discounts and commercials. Therefore, in case of an enthusiast, you must have a feature that distinguishes you from the rest, which he would remember or like. It may not necessarily be a puzzle. Unusual design, plot twists can also fascinate the enthusiast;


This player often looks at the timer with a bit of hysteria: “Oh my God ... 10 minutes have passed, and we haven’t done anything yet! Do something! ”.

Alarmist good cement the whole team, forcing her to solve puzzles more intensively and look for clues. For such a player, exit games that use team building tasks are well suited;


This is the type of player, because of which it is necessary to conduct test games before opening the escape room. It seems that you have foreseen everything? Cheater will prove to you that this is not so!

Despite the fact that this player loves to play not by the rules, it is he who will show all the weaknesses of your game, where you need to work more on the puzzles in order for the escape room to be deservedly overcomed by the team.


“It takes a little more pressure on the lock and it will definitely open! Oh. I broke it. ”

When you open your own escape game, you will inevitably run into a destroyer. The rich experience of creating escape rooms taught me that needs to choose the strongest parts of riddles. Strengthen furniture, if necessary, to do something with it. If it is not necessary for the players to move the table or the cabinet according to the plot, the furniture must be screwed to the floor and walls. You can not leave in the game a screwdriver, even for riddles - if among them there is a destroyer, he will unscrew ALL. Do not use ordinary glass - such a player can break it by injuring itself;


He can find hidden meaning even in the upholstery of a sofa with polka dots. Сomplicative concentrates too much on the little things. That is why I recommend using a moderate amount of non-game items in the escape rooms. Non-game items, even if they are stunning scenery, make such players spend a long time on the wrong path. As a result, the exit game may disappoint them.


Virtually every team will have an amateur solve complex logical puzzles. In case of his appearance in your escape game, there must be 1-2 riddles, thanks to which this player will not get bored and will be able to prove himself.


“Excuse me, what should I do about it?”, “Eh?”, “I didn’t understand a bit” - typical phrases of this type of escape rooms visitors. They do not understand vague clues. It may even be necessary for the administrator to intervene so that the confused player finally breaking the ice.

To make the escape game interesting for this kind of players, thought-out game tips help. Not so obvious that even a 3-year-old child would decide, but not too complicated.

Some players may have one pronounced type, some two or even several. But knowing their particular qualities, you can easily make a reliable profitable game that will appeal to any client.

With respect, Vladimir Kalugin.


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