A great DIY escape game - 8 of the best books in the world for those who build their own escape room

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In recent years, escape rooms have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment. All this time they constantly undergo changes: they become more and more complex, they offer different experiences. The rapid evolution of escape games leads to the fact that a beginner who is going to create an escape room from scratch, without having any experience in this area, is hard to make a really high-quality, interesting game the first time. Fortunately, during the boom of escape rooms, a fair number of excellent books were published, where the authors share their experiences of creating a variety of ERs: for business, education, etc. After reading them, you will get an idea about the process of creating escape rooms and it's industry as a whole.

  • Escape the Game: How to Make Puzzles and Escape Rooms

Author Adam Clare gives great tips on how to create an interesting escape game from scratch. The book covers the most common issues that arise for novice owners of escape rooms: how to create, manage and develop their ER business. It also contains a nice bonus: puzzles options.

  • Escape Room Rules - How To Create An Amazing Game

Useful book, full of tips on how to create an exciting game in which players will not be bored. Contains great design tips for exit rooms and game mechanics. Must have, for anyone who wants to create a truly high-quality experience.

  • Escape Room Expert - How To Create An Incredible Escape Game

A good book for creators of exit games and for fans of this type of entertainment. Contains tips for designers and players, allowing you to look at ER from two points of view.

How to Create a Low Cost Escape Room: For Camps, Youth Groups and Community Centers

Great book if you want to make an inexpensive escape game. It contains a lot of useful information, how to invent and arrange a game without spending tens of thousands of dollars on it. The tips in the book are great not only for games among friends, but also for commercial escape rooms.

  • Facilitating Team-Building Sessions: A Guide for Escape Room and Exit Game Owners 

A wonderful book by psychology doctor Christy M. Byrd about which riddles and escape rooms details are best suited for team building training. The book gives practical advice on how to create such a escape game in which corporate clients will come again and again. Indispensable if your main customers are the corporate sector.

  • Making Escape Rooms for Educational Purposes: A Workbook 

A good book if you want to create an educational escape game - a great alternative to boring audience meetings and tedious lectures. Contains a step-by-step guide on everything that needs to be taken into account when creating a game. You can make your own notes.

  • Breaking Into Breakout Boxes: Escape Rooms in Education

Written by practicing teacher Holly Elizabeth Johnson. The book is based on the personal experience of the author and is full of excellent practical advice not only on how to make a escape room from scratch, but also on how to manage students during the game and what to do if they do not cope.

  • Escape Rooms and Other Immersive Experiences in the Library

As of 2018, more than 7,200 escape rooms are operating worldwide. Author Ellyssa Kroski asks the question “So why not create an escape game in the library?” And she is absolutely right. Boring, old-fashioned entertainment, typical of ordinary libraries, only dig the grave for similar institutions, while interesting interactive games, such as exit games, can easily and naturally convey the essence to the students. The book offers many ideas for creating and maintaining an interesting educational escape game in the library.

I would also like to mention the research of Scott Nicholson - a well-known professor of game design. It is not a book in the literal sense of the word, but it's research available on the Internet for free reading. Contains a lot of interesting information about the ER industry. It will definitely be interesting to everyone who is somehow connected with escape rooms. The research can be read at this link - http://scottnicholson.com/pubs/stateofescape.pdf

Sincerely, Vladimir Kalugin.


Click on the picture and go to the page with a detailed story about the escape room creation:

Creation of "Edison - The Machine of Spirits" escape room.

Ashdod, Israel

An epic story with photos about how the real escape game is built.
With the sending of scenery and electronics from the RF.

Creepy "Mad Vet" escape room.

 Nice, France

A story from which you will learn how to save on decorations 10 000 euros. 

And how to build the most atmospheric escape room in Nice.

Mystic escape game
"Room 1408".
Nice, France

An exciting story from the escape room construction about the hotel in which strange things happen. 

Photo report about escape room for children.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Photo from the process of building a children's escape room "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
WITHOUT sending decorations and electronics from the RF.


Creation of the "Matrix" escape room. Dusseldorf, Germany

The biggest escape room that I built. Read the construction report at the link below.

How the Mossad escape room was built. Ashdod, Izrael

Detailed photoreport about creation process of the escape room "Mossad - Shadow Wars" in Israel.

The story of the creation of the escape room “Apocalypse”. Alicante, Spain.

The story about creation of a high-tech escape game "Apocalypse"

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All the work is done personally: a script writer, an engineer, a decorator in one person.
You do not need to search for different performers and coordinate their work.
You ask the result from one person.

Making props for the escape room

Making photorealistic parts of bodies and corpses in full size if you are doing a terrible escape game.

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Script for the escape room

The script, which describes the puzzles and the plot, is the main document for the escape room construction.

With the help of a well-written script, you will build a successful and popular escape room that will receive good feedback from players and profits.

Soundtrack for the escape room

Background audio accompaniment.
Sounds of environment and special effects.
Professional processing by the sound engineer. Audio legend of the escape room by the voice of a professional announcer.
Average price: $ 500
The creation time is 3-7 days.

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The scriptwriter who writes not only an interesting script with unusual puzzles, but also thinks how to save you money.

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