Best booking systems for escape rooms

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Playing escape games is a lot of fun. Opening escape rooms is even more fun. But if the game is fun, then opening the escape room is like a very interesting tasks, when you come up with a script, design, riddles, and routine things, such as decorating the utility rooms, creating a website and of course choosing a system for online booking of a games.

Of course, you can say that you do not need it - because you can take an order for an escape game by phone. But nevertheless, the online booking system is beneficial to you and your customers. For the client, this is a simple, convenient way to choose a game for yourself on the right day at the right time. For you - reducing the risk of mistakes in booking, misunderstanding of customer desires, saving time.

Listed below are the best booking systems for escape rooms.


One of the main advantages of Bookeo is the ability to create a widget exactly for the escape room. Also this service supports a large number of languages.

You can create a standalone reservation page or integrate the widget into the escape room website. For customers, the reservation system is intuitive and accessible on the mobile version. In addition to the standard ability to book a game, through Bookeo, you can configure escape game booking offers for celebrations, at special prices, with gifts and promotions. A 30 day free trial.


Xola does not have a free trial period, the language of service is only English. These are disadvantages, but at the same time Xola has a number of advantages.

It has a branded widget for escape game. Intuitively customizable and easy to integrate on the site. Convenient for players - to book a game, they need to make only three clicks. Remarketing letters, which the system automatically sends to your customers if they have not completed the booking, are very valuable in this service.

Like Bookeo, Xola is convenient because you can make prices and offers an escape games for a wide variety of groups of people for a variety of occasions.


The only online booking system designed exclusively for escape rooms.

Free - you can install a system on your website for free and use it for free for an unlimited amount of time.

In addition to the widget for the site, Nowescape also offers to make an additional booking page on it's resource. For each completed reservation on the Nowescape website, you will be charged 20% of the amount of the reservation. On the other hand, you will receive free advertising on the Internet and premium placement in the list of escape rooms on a site Nowescape (the site is very popular, authoritative both among players and among the creators of escape games).

The booking system itself has a nice interface, easily configured. Again, you can set up exit games offers with different prices, promotions.


Bookify - online booking system with the largest trial period - 90 days. Simple, has a widget for escape rooms. Easy to set up game schedule. Booking widget can be branded, which makes it easy to enter the system on your site so that it does not fall out of the general concept.

Easily sets different prices for different games. You can charge for a person, and for the full game. In addition, several photos can be added to the profile of each game.


Unlike the previous ones, this online booking system does not have special widgets for escape rooms, so it takes time to set it up. In addition, she has the smallest trial period - only 21 days.

On the other hand, Checkfront supports a large number of languages both in the admin panel and in the booking widget. Also in it you can set different price offers.

Checkfront offers a mobile widget management application for site owners.

In general, the service is not bad, but not very convenient for escape games. It may be a good alternative if other services are unavailable for some reasons.

I will not recommend any particular reservation system for the escape game. What may be incomprehensible to me may be quite obvious to you, and vice versa. All widgets have their pros and cons. Only by trying, you will understand exactly which reservation system is convenient for you and the goals that you set for yourself and your escape room.

With respect, Vladimir Kalugin.


Click on the picture and go to the page with a detailed story about the escape room creation:

The story of the creation of the escape room “Apocalypse”. Alicante, Spain.

The story about creation of a high-tech escape game "Apocalypse"

Creepy "Mad Vet" escape room.

 Nice, France

A story from which you will learn how to save 10,000 euros on decorations.
And how to build the most atmospheric escape room in Nice.

Mystic escape game
"Room 1408".
Nice, France

An exciting story from the escape room construction about the hotel in which strange things happen. 

Creation of "Edison - The Machine of Spirits" escape room.

Ashdod, Israel

An epic story with photos about how the real escape game is built.
With the sending of scenery and electronics from the RF.

Creation of the "Matrix" escape room. Dusseldorf, Germany

The biggest escape room that I built. Read the construction report at the link below.

Escape room: “There is someone In this house…” construction story — from an empty room to the first game.

The story of creation the creepy performance escape room about an abandoned house.

How to make a fearful and interesting horror ...

Photo report about escape room for children.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Photo from the process of building a children's escape room "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." WITHOUT sending decorations and electronics from the RF.

How the Mossad escape room was built. Ashdod, Izrael

Detailed photoreport about creation process of the escape room "Mossad - Shadow Wars" in Israel.

Portable escape game- "Hackers Attack"

Montreal, Canada

The story of the creation of a portable game that fits in several boxes. It is created for carrying out games at office or at the customer's house.

Escape room creation services

Experience in the escape games industry since 2014.

Scenario for an escape room

The scenario, which describes the puzzles and the plot, is the main document for the escape room construction.
If you intend to make the escape room by yourself, you need this document. For many years I have been writing scenarios for a escape game of various formats:

- Classic escape rooms

- Outdoor escape games

- Mobile escape rooms

- Portable escape rooms

- Tourist escape games

- Gamification of excursions and museums

- Escape room for advertising a main business

Portative escape room

Portable quest games that fit in multiple boxes. Easily fit in the back seat of a car. Props and riddles are made using unique gameplay models so that the impressions of the players are as positive as possible.

The quest contains more props and is a complete replacement for the classic quest room in the new version.

Escape room construction services

Construction of escape rooms anywhere in the world. You get a unique product created by all the rules of game design. The construction process is as open and understandable as possible. Creating an escape room for any task and any format including the most non-standard solutions:

- Escape games with actors

- Real-life escape rooms

- Escape games in a bus or container

- Portable escape rooms

- Outdoor escape games

Making props for an escape rooms

Production of photorealistic body parts and corpses entirely in full size silicone. Human-made corpses for an escape room, arms, legs, fingers, organs.

If you make a horror game, silicone premium props will be a great decoration for your escape room.

- Whole body

- Legs, feet

- Hands, wrists, fingers

- Heads, eyes and organs

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