• Build a great escape room and save $:

    • Hire a master with 3 years of experience building escape rooms;
    • Engineer with an experience of working with electronics for more than 8 years;
    • The designer and decorator who will create of all the necessary props and scenery for your escape game;
    • A script writer who will write not only an interesting scenario, but also reduce the budget of building.

    Vladimir Kalugin, designer an escape rooms.

What is included in the price of building?

You get a complete and ready to open escape room.


Writing a new scenario or modifications to an existing one. Description of puzzles. Premise plan. Selection photos of interior for repair.

Scenery and props

Making scenery, props for escape room and puzzles. Creation of game objects, entourage.


Automation puzzles with electronics means. Installation of an audio system. Decorative lighting.

Frequently asked Questions

The cost of building escape room 11,700$*

The price of accommodation is not included. For the building period, the customer arranges the accommodation of 1 person (me).

Possible to accommodation on the construction site of escape room (if conditions allow) or at your home (if I do not disturb you).

* The price has been updated on March 25, 2018

The price DOESN'T include materials from which the escape room is built. Materials are bought with you in stores or on the Internet in situ.

Order of payment

Scenario without prepayment

By correspondence or by phone, I clarify your wishes for escape game.

According to wishes I write a draft of the scenario. If it suits you, I make a plans of room, a list of items for purchase, in order to understand the cost of materials. The repair of the premise begins.

Payment of tickets

After the completion of preparation you either transfer money for buy a ticket, or you yourself buy a ticket to my name in one direction. This amount will be deducted from the honorarium.

Payment after the test games

After building the escape room and ending the test games, you pay the entire amount, except for the cost of the ticket for the plane that you bought earlier.

Start creating Escape room

If you are interested in building an escape room, contact me in any convenient way or fill out the application form. We will discuss the details of the project, I will propose implementation options and a draft of the scenario. If you are satisfied with everything, we will begin preparations for building.

me@super-escape-room.com     tel: + 7 906-27-33-717 (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram)


Request for building escape room:

Photos of completed projects

Mystic escape game
"Room 1408".
Nice, France

An exciting story from the escape room construction about the hotel in which strange things happen. 

A story from which you will learn how to save on decorations 10 000 euros. 

And how to build the most atmospheric escape room in Nice.

A story from which you will learn how to save on decorations 10 000 euros. 

And how to build the most atmospheric escape room in Nice.

Photo report about escape room for children.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Photo from the process of building a children's escape room "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." WITHOUT sending decorations and electronics from the RF.

Creation of the "Matrix" escape room. Dusseldorf, Germany

The biggest escape room that I built. Read the construction report at the link below.

Creation of "Edison - The Machine of Spirits" escape room.

Ashdod, Israel

An epic story with photos about how the real escape game is built.
With the sending of scenery and electronics from the RF.

How the Mossad escape room was built. Ashdod, Izrael

Detailed photoreport about creation process of the escape room "Mossad - Shadow Wars" in Israel.

The story of the creation of the escape room “Apocalypse”. Alicante, Spain.

The story about creation of a high-tech escape game "Apocalypse"

Free Construction

If you have an interesting project in an unusual format, or you are ready to transfer part of the company as payment, I can perform construction on favorable terms or for free.
The conditions are discussed individually.

Escape rooms creation services in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

An exceptionally individual approach.
From idea to ready business.