Escape room about the laboratory "Edison Spirits Machine"
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About game

A client from Israel contacted me with a request to build several premises for his business.
The first escape room I developed was Spirit of Edison. Classic detective escape room.
In the early days of the escape room industry, such escape room were common.

It is great for family vacations, and that is why it was chosen, in Israel there are special features of recreation when whole families come to the game.

Therefore, I wrote the script for this escape room taking into account the fact that adults and children will play it at the same time.

At the request of the client, I chose the difficulty level: normal or advanced, so that more experienced players can brainwash themselves.

The plot of the game

This escape room is based on the real fact that Edison was developing a telephone to communicate with spirits.

Edison was fond of the then fashionable spiritualism and mysticism, and wanted to combine his knowledge of electronics and occult sciences to give people the opportunity to call deceased relatives.

Players enter the scientist's office. According to legend, somewhere in his office there is a secret passage to a secret laboratory. But Edison hid the passage from the eyes, the players will have to show all the power of their intellect in order to find and unravel all the secrets of the inventions of the genius.

In the course of the game, we learn that Edison invented a machine for communicating with spirits, but when it was launched, something went wrong and his soul was sucked into this machine and now the players must save the scientist.

The matter is aggravated by the fact that, having entered the secret laboratory, the players activated a secret defense mechanism, and if the players do not have time to do everything in an hour, they will remain locked here forever.


The escape room consists of 2 locations.
The first location is Edison's office.
The location is small but very cozy, when I made it I often spent time in it and not in the recreation area.
The second location is Ellison's secret laboratory in which he made his great discoveries.

The transition to it is made through the closet. When players solve riddles in the first location, a secret passage opens up.

The second location differs in style from the office, it looks like a laboratory of a mad scientist, a lot of strange mechanisms, light installations, and incomprehensible equipment makes the location memorable.

The game has two degrees of difficulty. Players choose it when booking a game. In the light version, the duration is 60 minutes, the number of riddles is 14.

In the hard version, the duration is 90 minutes and there are +4 additional hard riddles. In addition, the complication of riddles from the regular version is made.
Difficulties also differ for players in terms of cost. On average, 20% of teams choose the pro version of the game.

Development features

I wrote the script for this game based on the facts of Edison's biography.

I discussed with the client for a long time various nuances that need to be taken into account when developing a game, as well as the peculiarities of the mentality of the Israelites.

The client sent me a floor plan and I made the placement of riddles to make the best use of the room.
Then I prepared a list of furniture that the client should buy for my arrival for the decoration.
The riddles themselves were made in Russia by decorators.
It took about 2 weeks to clear the customs and send the props by the transport company.

I flew to Israel when the riddles had already arrived in the country and began to prepare the premises, doing the wiring and installing the control panel.

Within 2 weeks, the riddles were mounted, connected and the quest was ready to go.
This, along with the project "Number 1408", is my fastest building project for an escape room.
If you want to know more about the construction of this escape room, download a PDF file with a detailed story and many photos.
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