Children's escape room "Candy Factory"
the story of the creation of a children's escape room
Video how the escape room is prepared for the game

About game

The construction of this escape room was ordered from me by a client from Germany, Frankfurt am Main.

The client had his own children's center for which it was necessary to build a escape room in which children and adults could play.
It would be such a family team building, to unite generations.

I made a scenario of the escape room taking into account the peculiarities of young children and also laid down several difficult riddles so that adults would not get bored either.

After that, all the work on creating riddles was already carried out directly on the spot, making from scratch all the riddles and decorations for the escape room.

As a result, the escape room turned out to be very bright and beautiful. And the final feature with the car that gave the children candy made a splash in the hearts of little players.

The plot of the game

This game has no plot or even a legend.
Before the start of the game, instructions are given with the rules of conduct and the goal is told:
You need to solve all the riddles and get all the keys to start the Candy Machine.
This was done deliberately, because children do not remember the plot at all and it would only interfere with this game.


The game has 3 locations. The game time is 40 minutes. Such timing was chosen due to the peculiarities of children; for more than 40 minutes it will be difficult for them to keep their attention, even if it is such entertainment.
There are a lot of impressions from which little guys get tired mentally.

There are 12 riddles in the game.
More than half of the riddles are about agility, activity and motor skills.

So that little players can splash out their activity in the escape game.
The size of the escape game is approximately 60 m2.

The first location is a large room with a candy machine and various mechanisms that give players keys to start the main riddle.

The second room is green with the effect of a disco, it is very short there are only a few mysteries.
The third room is a reactor, the heart of a plant that is darker and more industrial.

But the players like it most of all because there is a smoke machine that blows off steam very nicely when solving a riddle.

Development features

The work on the escape room took about 2.5 months. Such a long period was associated with a lot of painting in the game.

I did all the painting by hand, and it takes a lot of time.

I quickly made the very base for the decorations from basic lumber and also quickly soldered the electronics for the riddles and the lights.

In this escape room, by tradition, I used some materials from the trash can.
For example, part of one riddle is made from an inverted shell. Can you find her in the photo?

I liked building this project, there was a bakery next to the location, in the morning I got up, opened the window and drank tea accompanied by birdsong and the delicious smell of baked goods.

In addition, the lead time for this order fell in the spring, and while there was still snow in Russia, the first grasses had already bloomed here in Frankfurt. And it was very beautiful.

Photo of the construction of the escape room for children
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