Give the boyfriend a surprise - DIY escape game

Vivid emotions that he shares with you.

After payment we will send pdf documents that need to be printed and spread out around the apartment or house.
Preparation takes 15 minutes.

The kit includes a romantic DIY escape room scenario, a step-by-step guide that will help you organize the escape game and not get confused.

Romantic DIY Escape game for man you love includes:

(After payment, we will send the scenario and .pdf files for download, which need to be printed (all), cut with scissors (some), and spread out around the home (recommendations are attached))

Every man is a bit pirate.

And although the main treasure - you - he has already found, your man will be happy to start searching for the treasure that will be hidden by you especially for him.
The DIY escape game scenario includes 12 puzzles that your hero will overcome with courage in order to gain a hidden surprise.

Cool puzzles

We have created a scenario with interesting and fun puzzles that do not require special knowledge. It will be a pleasant and fun adventure.
The answer to each puzzle gives the path to the next step.

Hero's path

DIY escape game created to please your man.
The script and tasks are designed in such a way that your man really felt how much you care for him.
Sometimes it is difficult for men and women to find a common language. Romantic escape game is an easy way to fix it.


To avoid embarrassing situations, we created hints.
Your man is definitely a hero. But heroes also sometimes need help. In this case, we have prepared tips that provide 100% passability and joy of the game.

DIY escape game as a gift for a loved one

Vivid emotions that will remain in memory forever.
A nice gift that does not require large expenditures.

Make a romantic escape game in our scenario for your man and you will be kindle a fire in him a not fading love and passion. 

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