Give the girlfriend a surprise - DIY escape game 

A gift that will surprise every woman.

After payment we will send pdf documents that need to be printed and spread out around the apartment or house.
Preparation takes 15 minutes.

The kit includes a DIY escape room scenario, a step-by-step guide that will help you organize the escape game and not get confused.

DIY escape room gift for wife, mother, girlfriend includes:

(After payment, we will send the scenario and .pdf files for download, which need to be printed (all), cut with scissors (some), and spread out around the home (recommendations are attached))

Treasure map

All women love to get surprises.
It is even more interesting to get surprises when you need to search for them by solving puzzles. The escape game consists of 14 riddles, after solved which beloved woman will receive a gift.

Interesting puzzles

We have created interesting and funny puzzles that do not require special knowledge. It will be a pleasant and fun adventure.
The answer to each puzzle opens the way to the next step.


Escape room is created to please the one for whom you are organizing it: your wife, mother, girlfriend.
In the tasks of the game a lot of words of appreciation and compliments, which is nice to hear for every woman.
Sometimes we forget to praise our women. Surprise DIY escape game is a great way to fix this.


To avoid embarrassing situations, we created hints.
In case of difficulties, thanks to small hints, any puzzles will be easily solved.
The surprise should not be overshadowed by failures, so our escape game has 100% passability.

Surprise gift for a woman.

Vivid emotions that will remain in memory forever.
A nice gift that does not require big expenses.

By organizing a women's DIY escape game in our scenario, you will make not just a gift. You will show your attention and love, which every woman so appreciates.

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