Escape room for kids 

"The kids of the pirates"

children's adventure escape room

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About game

This is a classic escape room for kids. There are two locations in the game, the first location is a large room with riddles.

In the second location (the captain's cabin) an animator-actor is a pirate.

Players solve eight riddles and go to the captain's cabin, where they guess his questions and receive a reward for sweet treats.

The plot of the game

Players find themselves on a pirate ship.

They must get hold of the old captain's treasure.

The captain has traveled the seven seas for many years and collected treasures around the world.

They are hidden in his cabin. But only a worthy and gallant sea wolf can get them.


The average time to complete the game is 40 - 50 minutes. Since this is a children's escape room, this is the most optimal time.

There is no point in doing more because the children will be too tired.

Logic puzzles alternate with motor skills and dexterity puzzles.

All puzzles have simple and straightforward game mechanics that do not require additional knowledge from the game.

For children's escape room try to strike a balance between interesting mechanics and showiness.

This is not the type of escape room where you need to use complex logic tasks. Therefore, I try to make more special effects and wow moments without overloading the guys with thoughts.

Development features

This escape game was done on a tight schedule. The blueprints for all the puzzles were made in four weeks.

And the production of riddles from laser cut parts took about four more weeks.

To convey the pirate atmosphere, I chose as the primary colors: dark wood, copper, green patina and orange for the decorative elements.

This combination of colors gives things and riddles the spirit of antiques.

Also for the main puzzle "porthole" a special appendix was written.

When players solve the gear puzzle and turn the handle. In the porthole, the animation of diving not the bottom of the sea is activated. At the bottom of the sea, players see a clue for the next puzzle.

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