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Survival tips for those wishing to start an escape room business

That you don't commit blunders and can create a successful escape game, I have prepared for you a collection of useful articles:

How to open an escape room business

Want to open an escape room business? This article is what you need! You will get a complete picture of the first steps in the ER industry.

Key tips on designing an escape room

Brief information on how competently to design an escape room, which will serve you for a long time and will like to players.

Portable (pop up) escape rooms in the box

Do you want to open an escape room business, but don't have enough money for expensive repairs and rent? Learn more about the new format - portable (pop up) escape games!

Escape room puzzles and props

Everything about what makes the game interesting and exciting - props, puzzles, and riddles for an escape room!

Escape cubes - new word in escape games industry

Learn all about games in folding cubes - a great escape room option in malls and major fairs.

11 life hacking how to make a great escape room and get maximum profit

You think about how to create a cool game and not to spend an insane amount of money? Then this article is for you!

How gamification can help your business

Gamification is a great marketing tool, much effective than traditional advertising. Using a few examples, I explain how to enter gamification into a business by increasing sales.

Best booking systems for escape rooms

Overview of the most popular booking systems that are suitable for escape rooms.

7 trends in the escape room industry in 2019

I collected the most unusual formats of escape games as of 2019 in this article.

Escape room scenario - necessity or whim?

What are the advantages of the escape game scenario? Buy an escape room scenario or write by yourself? Read this article and you will find out the answers to these questions.

10 best themes for escape rooms

A review of the most common and successful themes for escape rooms.

8 services to create an escape room website

Now it's difficult to imagine a world without a web, and any a company without a website. Escape room business is no exception. Choose the best site builder will help this small review.

8 types of players, knowledge of which will help make your escape room better

To make an escape room as profitable as possible, you need to know your customers. Here I collected the most common types of players in escape rooms.

9 unusual formats of an escape rooms

And a little more about the possible formats for escape games.

8 of the best books for those who build their own escape room

Review of the best books for those who want to start an escape room business.

City escape game or a new look at city sights

Some information about the city escape games - a great alternative to the usual excursions to city attractions.

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