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Research market for the escape room business in Brisbane, Australia.

The best escape game themes and formats to start your business.

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Hello! My name is Vladimir Kalugin. I am the founder of the project - services for creating escape games in reality.

At my clients' request, I decided to make several articles on a topic of city analysis. The articles will discuss whether the escape room business will be potentially successful in this city. And also about what format and storyline you need to choose in order to make the game popular with local players.

If you want me to analyze exactly your city, use the application form at the page bottom to add your city.

In each city I will analyze a number of characteristics:

  • Population size
  • What escape games are already open in the city
  • What themes for escape rooms already have
  • What themes can be popular
  • What game formats best choose

We will start the analysis of the city of Brisbane, the center of the Australian state of Queensland. Let's try to find out which ER is best to open here.


I always begin my city analysis for placing an escape room with the population size.

In Brisbane live 2 360 241 people.

This is a good indicator. Any city with a population of more than 500 000 is favorable for opening an escape room. A population of 2.3 million will provide a large number of players. So you are unlikely to experience the problem of “ceiling” in the market.

Escape rooms in Brisbane

In Brisbane, 9 ER companies are already operating.

I placed companies in the order in which I found them.

Escape manor

The company has 4 escape rooms in the city: THE ASYLUM, THE COVENANT, THE WINE CELLAR, DEATH ROW.

Good quality games. At first glance, it is clear that the guys have put their hearts into work and have done as well as possible. Nice and beautiful lobby area.

Puzzled Room Escape


Interesting escape rooms on a variety of themes, which finds a response from different categories of players.

Fox In a Box Brisbane

The world-famous large world brand in Brisbane launched are 6 games: BUNKER, ZOMBIE LAB, ZODIAC KILLER, PRISON BREAK, TESLA'S MYSTERY, PRISON BREAK: HEAD-TO-HEAD

Bright escape games are worthy of the attention of the general public. They differ forethought and high-quality gameplay.

Quest Room

The company opened 3 ER in Brisbane: Sherlocked, Escape the Jigsaw, The Lost Tomb.

I can highlight pleasant, smart gameplay and thoughtful plot.

Fort Locks - Room Escape Game

This company launched 2 escape rooms: Jail Escape, Dream Catcher.

They very different: in the first game, you need to escape from prison, and in the second, players must find a way out of sleep.

Strike Escape Rooms

A big company that, along with other entertainment, offers to play escape games. In total, this company has 11 stories in different cities: Casino heist, Forensic, Da Vinci, Jailbreak, Moonshoot, Shutdown, The garden, The old haunt, Injustice, Red manor, Alien invaders.

Strike has created a huge selection of escape rooms to attract players with variety. Plenty of escape rooms allow Strike to conduct corporate games for a large number of people at the same time.

Adventure quest

The company has 3 games: Wizard School - Spell Casting 101, Outlaws Revenge, Hangmans Hollow.

The games have quite universal plots that will suit a variety of people.

Seraphim Escape Rooms

The owners of this escape room opened 2 games in Brisbane: The Executioner's Toolshed, Escape Santa's Cottage.

The company has a small size but at the same time a huge number of enthusiastic reviews of the players. So their games are definitely distinguished by their excite and forethought.

If you want to open an escape room business in Brisbane city, I advise you to visit each company and play at least one game. And that's why:

  • You will see what level of service provided to players. This will be a quality bar for your on which to build;
  • You will look at are already used puzzles in games. This is useful to avoid repeating riddles. For example, if you don't order a unique scenario and buy ready-made puzzles from suppliers;
  • You can meet future friends. I believe that in the escape room industry the best strategy between game operators is cooperation. No need to fight with other companies for players. No! If a city has several escape rooms, this is a bonus for you. You can team up with them for mutual advertising because escape room players usually play only 1 time. If you team up with other companies, you can advertise each other to players. So everyone will benefit.

What game stories already using in Brisbane

One of the success rules in the escape room business is to find an unusual theme that players will like.

If in the city is an open escape room with a theme you want, players who have already played in the game of your competitors may not go to you just because they will think that you have a similar to the one. For example, if your competitors have an escape room with the "Jailbreak" theme and you open the game with a storyline about prison, the players will think that this is the same thing.

From the sources available to me, I compiled a list of all the ER that exist in Brisbane, so that it would be easier for you to choose a unique game theme, avoiding repetitions with games already running. Or the ability to choose the least used story in the city.

Below you will see a themes list. In brackets the escape room that uses this story:

Prison Break - (DEATH ROW, PRISON BREAK, Jail Escape)

Psychiatric Hospital, Horror - (THE ASYLUM)

Demons and otherworldly forces, Horror - (THE COVENANT)

Escape from a pirate ship - (Blackbeard treasure, Hangmans Hollow)

World War II, Destroy the German weapons - (Our finest hour)

Heist - (The jewel thief, Casino heist)

Defuse a bomb - (Bomb in government house)

Investigate a murder and find the killer, detective - (Treachery at the racetrack, PUZZLE TECH MURDER, Forensic)

Search for a missing professor - (MIRRORED)

Escape from the lab - (MONKEY RUN!)

Find a cure in the laboratory - (DR. IROV'S LABORATORY)


Competition between two teams. Team A the test subjects must escape from the laboratory, Team B scientists must prevent the escape. Good format, a great solution for team building games - (BATTLE MODE: ENGAGED)

Stop the launch of nuclear missiles - BUNKER

Find a cure for zombie virus - (ZOMBIE LAB)

Prison Break Competition - Fox in a Box Brisbane interestingly beat the escape theme in PRISON BREAK: HEAD-TO-HEAD. Players compete who can escape from prison first.

Prevent terrorist attack - (Sherlocked)

Escape from the maniac, from the killer - (Escape the Jigsaw, Injustice, Red manor, The Executioner's Toolshed, THE WINE CELLAR, ZODIAC KILLER)

Egyptian Tomb - (The Lost Tomb)

Escape from sleep - (Dream Catcher)

Explore the Secrets of scientists - (Da Vinci, TESLA'S MYSTERY)

Save the World from Evil AI - (Shutdown)

Escape from an enchanted place - (The garden)

Academy of Magic - (Wizard School - Spell Casting 101)

Wild West - (Outlaws Revenge)

Christmas, about Santa - (Escape Santa's Cottage)

What themes will be popular

Above I analyzed what the game stories are already working in Brisbane city.

The most common themes are already taken. But are several niches that vacant. They will enjoy success with the right approach:

Active games without a story: these are games, in which there are only puzzles for mind and physical activity. Example on YouTube.

Family escape rooms and games for children: Alice in Wonderland, The Gold Quest, Jungle Artifacts, Atlantis Secrets, Space Exploration, the Snow Queen, a Sweets Factory.

Outdoor games for holidays: weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays. The plot is built around the theme of the holiday:

  • If this is a game made for children's birthday, the plot may look like this: the pirates stole the birthday boy's gift and the children should find it.
  • If this is a wedding game: the best man lost the ring of the bride and the players must find it.

For stationary escape rooms: Children's room with monsters, Alchemical laboratory of the Middle Ages - players need to create a vaccine against the plague, Dino World, Hackers Attack, need to save the planet, Abandoned temple of Mayan - find treasures and get out, Mission to Mars - to survive on the Mars base, Mafia.

For immersive games: Alien ship crash - search the ship and see why they arrived.

Search for artifacts in the radioactive zone.

World apocalypse - you need to survive and defeat another team, seizing resources and generators.

Choosing the format of a successful escape game

In addition to the classic escape rooms, portable games also will be successful in Brisbane. For their work, you don't need to rent a room and this will reduce the cost to start-up by 6-10 thousand US dollars. You will have to take into account the costs associated with travel, but this is much less than the rent and utilities of commercial premises.

If you have a small budget, it's better to choose this format.

The second format that I advise is immersive street games. In Queensland, the weather is good for most of the year.

Immersive street games are the escape games in the open air, which also use props and puzzles. However, this format uses a large territory. Most often, the company goes far beyond the city limits and spends the game on the free lands.

The immersive format allows you to conduct large-scale games for 10–20–30 or even 50 people, which can be your competitive advantage. Clients for such games can be corporations, event organizers, large groups of friends and families who want to have fun and unusual spent a time.

Don't consider my analysis as an exhaustive study. This is the simple research that I was able to conduct, based on information from open sources. However, this research can provide you with some initial insight into the escape games market.

Don't forget that if you decide to open an escape room, in addition to analyzing the market, you must make calculations of payback and obtain the required information.

Where to open the escape room?

If you want me to make an article with analytics for your city, fill out this form.


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