Owner of the escape rooms from the US tells about her business

Interview with the escape rooms owner from Whiting, US

I interviewed with my client from the Whiting, Indiana, USA. These are owners of the escape games in Region Escape Room - Jessica Schmidt and her family. In the fall of 2018, I helped the Region Escape Room with the creation of a scenario for their game "Simulation".

How many games do you have and how long have they been working?

Currently, we have two games at our location, Region Escape Room. We have been open about two months. We will be adding our third room by October of this year.

For how many players are your escape rooms and for what age?

Our games are designed for 12 years and up. We can have 8 players in each of the rooms.

What themes of your escape rooms?

One of the themes is a 1950's murder mystery. The other theme is a matrix-style post-apocalyptic scene. The third room is a surreal children's nightmare theme.

Why did you choose such themes for escape rooms?

We wanted to do something unique. The other escape rooms around us don't have anything like our themes.

How difficult was it to build games, what difficulties did you encounter?

It was very time consuming to build each of the rooms. It takes time to collect all of the props, supplies, technology that you need and we are new to the escape room industry, so there was a lot to learn. We spent a lot of money on the actual building of the walls, as there were no walls in the building. If we hadn't done that, things would have been much easier.

Why did you decide to take up this business? What do you like most about it?

An escape room business is unlike any other. It is fun and rewarding. It allows us to be creative and enjoy what we do. We care about the customer experience and we do everything we can to make sure customers have fun.

What was the most unusual case with players was in your escape rooms?

The most unusual case so far for us was when we put a prop inside the room, the lid was sealed with glue, but somehow a customer managed to get it open and stick her hand inside- not realizing there was paint inside. :(

What do you think is most relevant now in the escape room market (formats)?

Non-linear games are preferred over linear games. Many escape rooms are doing maglocks over regular locks. But what really makes the games are the type of puzzles you offer and the game design. People enjoy a good theme and puzzles.

What do players like most about your games?

Our rooms are so different. Some people prefer the more logical puzzles of "Who Murdered O'Malley?" whereas other players prefer the technology aspect of "The Simulation". Both rooms are very fun and immersive.

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of this journey if you could go back in time?

I wouldn't change anything. We learn as we go!

What are your plans? Are you planning an expansion?

We have the space for a total of 4 rooms. We want our third room to open as of October and the 4th room next year!

Contacts for booking games Who murdered O'Malley and The Simulation:

The official site Region Escape Room

Link to TripAdvisor

Facebook group


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