Construction of the escape room "Apocalypse"
logic escape room in a fantastic style
Promo video escape room "Apocalypse"

About game

I was approached by a client from Alicante in Spain with the task of making an interesting and complex escape room in the style of star warriors and science fiction.

Within 2 weeks I created a script for this game and after agreeing on all the nuances I flew to Spain to create the riddles and decorations for the escape room.

This is my favorite escape room in terms of decorations. We managed to make very spectacular decorations out of simple garbage that we found with the customer at the dump.

During the project, I created the quest entirely with my own hands.

The plot of the game

A war with robots has been going on on earth for many years.
Humanity fails to win and people are forced to wage a guerrilla war.
A small group of people (players) learns that at the beginning of the war, several states have united and, and secretly designed superweapons against machines.

The development was carried out in an abandoned nuclear bunker. But at some point, the military headquarters of this country was destroyed and everyone who knew about the project died.
The project was not completed.

The players find the coordinates of the bunker and go down into it to complete the work of the scientists. But they only have one hour because the robots are already following their footsteps and they only have one hour left.


There are 3 locations in the escape room.

The first location is like a security point. In it, players solve 4 simple riddles to tune in to the rhythm of the game and get plot elements.

The second location is the large laboratory hall. There are many machines and units of unknown purpose in it. There are 7 riddles in this location.

The third location is the small laboratory hall. Here players solve 3 riddles.

Players go through the first location, enter the second and find themselves locked, until the end of the game they cannot return.

To complete the game, they must start all the mechanisms and activate the main secret weapon to destroy all the robots.

Development features

I wrote the script for the game in Russia, based on the brief with the client, about 25 riddles were invented, of which only 14 were chosen for the escape room.

After that, I made a premises plan so that the customer's workers would prepare the walls for my arrival.
After arriving in Alicante, we spent about a week to find suitable garbage in landfills for decorations and mysteries.

In general, during the construction process, we periodically visited the dumps and trash cans of the city to find interesting objects that therefore became the scenery of the escape room.

Initially, I planned to complete the quest in one month. I made my calculations based on projects in Israel and France.

But here I faced many difficulties due to which the construction was delayed for 3 months.

According to the test results, the quest turned out to be very difficult, but the client and the players are completely satisfied with it. This is some kind of national feature of the Spaniards, they are good at complex quests with logical riddles.
Download a pdf file with a story about how the "Apocalypse" escape room was built. The story contains a huge number of photos of the development process and my comments and explanations.
Photo of the construction of the escape room "Apocalypse"
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