Outdoor escape game "Anubis"
development of outdoor escape game for 5000 people
Promotional trailer for the game

About game

A client from Yakutsk contacted me with an order to develop of an outdoor escape game around the city.
Initially, the task was to make a game for 500 people, but during negotiations the client decided to make a larger-scale celebration, assuming that 5000 people would participate.
I developed a concept for the game, the main part of which is in the WEB application.
The theme of the game was chosen Egyptian mythology, some ideas from eugenics and the style of cyberpunk to modernize everything.

The plot of the game

Evolution is possible only in difficult, stressful conditions when a person is at the peak of his mental and physical capabilities.
Obsessed with these ideas, scientist Alexander Osipov decides to create of outdoor escape game.
The goal of this game is the artificial evolution of humans.
He calls his project "Anubis" after the Egyptian god of the dead, the keeper of the scales of souls.
Studying Egyptian treatises, he realized that the ancient gods were simple people who, in the course of random events, experienced strong shocks and were able to evolve into super-beings.
Inspired, he created tests that should unleash the potential of a person.
The one who withstands all the tasks will become like the gods, but if he cannot cope, then he will lose his life.


The game has two parts. The first is a WEB application.
To access it, the player buys a ticket from outdoor escape game organizer.
The second part is stickers pasted all over the city in hidden places. There are 500 stickers in total.
Through the application, the player gets the opportunity to find stickers. Their location is shown on the map in the appendix. But the player must find the exact position himself, carefully examining the location.
A sequence of hieroglyphs is written on the sticker, having entered it into the application, the player activates this sticker and gets a riddle.
Riddles have different difficulty and a different number of points for the correct answer.
Time to solve riddles is limited to 30 seconds. This is to prevent players from googling answers.
Outdoor escape game is carried out during the day. During this time, the player needs to find and solve the maximum number of questions. The winners are those players who score the maximum number of points.

Development features

First, I created a concept in which I wrote all the logic of the application. Each user interaction with the WEB application, starting from entering the access key and ending with the final screen for completing of outdoor escape game.
- What the player will do if the phone runs out
- How the app behaves if players cheat
- Is progress saved if the Internet is bad
- How an administrator can monitor the game and identify problems
All these and many other less obvious tasks I laid down when developing the architecture of the game. All response processing takes place on the web server. In real time, the game administrator monitors the progress of each player.
The smart ANTI-cheat system monitors the player's activity in the application and can prompt if the player breaks the rules:
- uses one key on different phones
- if the player is not physically in the location with the sticker
- if the player hacked the application code and enters answers
The biggest challenge was creating a high-load resilient server architecture to handle 5,000 concurrent players.
The programming took about a month and a half of hard work. I had to rewrite the module responsible for the maps 2 times. Because google maps worked very slowly on older smartphones.
And as a result, the project was not launched. The customer did not collect enough players of outdoor escape game and decided to close the project without paying me for the work.
I am publishing this project despite the fact that it was never launched because I am proud of its creation. I put a lot of effort into developing the application.
Even if it was not used in battle.

Screenshots of the WEB application interface for outdoor escape game
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