Development of a marketing game for a shipping company
mini game for website

About game

I was approached by the owner of a shipping company il Los Angeles USA with a request to make a mini-game for his website.

The purpose of the mini-game is to increase interest in his brand and create activity on his website.
As a prize, the player receives discounts on services in his company.

The plot of the game

It is a WEB game made in HTML5 and working in any browser.
Players do not need to install any applications, they just follow the links.
The player's task is to catch boxes by controlling a dragon. The more boxes the player has caught, the more discount will be received.

The accumulation of discounts is done in the form of a progress bar at the top.
The player has as many attempts as he wants to complete the game.

You can play the demo by following this link.


First, I discussed with the client the purpose of the game and what exactly he wants to get through gamification.
The goal was set: to increase activity on the site, and create a pleasant impression of the first contact with the site, even for non-customers.

I chose egg catching as a game mechanic. A familiar to many Soviet game where the wolf catches eggs.
It is simple, the players intuitively understand what to do.
It is also easy to adjust the balance of difficulty.

I made a gradual increase in the number of boxes as well as a graduation of 3 discounts so that even slow players get a minimal discount.

The game is adapted for both PC and smartphones.
The control supports the phone's mouse and touch screen.

I paid attention to the speed of the game, since nothing pisses me off as lagging games. It is not at all necessary for the first emotion of a potential client to be annoyance.

A cute-looking dinosaur in a cartoon style was chosen as the hero. To create a kind atmosphere for the user.

The branding of the game is done in the background of the location, as well as in the background around the field of the game.

Screenshots from the game
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