The history of the construction of the escape room "Mossad"
classic detective escape room about Mossad agents

About game

The construction of this game was ordered from me by a client from Ashdod Israel
I was building it right after I made the first escape room "Edison's Spirit Machine" for him. You can also find this project in the portfolio.

This is a classic detective escape room about the investigation of terrorist attacks. Its peculiarity is that, unlike the Machine of Spirits, it has more activity and action.

This project was completed in 2 months.

The plot of the game

The players are a group of Mossad employees who must manage to figure out the terrorists' lair and prevent their planned terrorist attacks.

To do this, they hijack their conversations and calculate the location of their base.

But at the base of the players, a surprise awaits, the terrorists mined their headquarters and the players must have time to deactivate the bomb before the time runs out.


The game has two locations.
The first location, a large room, is a crime investigation room at the Mossad military base.

The second room is a small room, a hideout where terrorists planned their crimes.
The game is designed for 60 minutes for 2-6 players.

And the game has 14 riddles. They are quite complex and require concentration of brain efforts from the players.
The second part has more dynamic gameplay.

At the end, as a final action, the players must defuse the bomb by cutting the desired wire.

I made a system for changing the wires so that the player and really re-fill the wire with pliers.

Development features

First, I wrote a script and adapted it for the client's premises.
It was difficult to fit into the second location because its size is only 8 m2.

Some of the sets and riddles were made in Russia and sent by mail.
Upon arrival, I corrected and edited a little.
The second part of the riddles and almost all of the non-game decor were made on the spot.

Together with the client, we spent a lot of time searching for suitable items in landfills and markets.

As a result, it turned out to make an interesting quest with a very modest budget.

This game, like the Spirit Machine, is made on the basis of relay logic and is extremely reliable in terms of operation.
Full story about the construction of the escape room "Massad" in PDF file.
Photo from the construction site of the "Mossad" escape room.
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