Key tips on designing an escape room

The minimum set of information needed for those who want to open an escape room.

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After you have decided on the game theme, have a scenario, it's time to think about one of the most important details of the escape room - design. Carefully developed design, its competent implementation, creates maximum immersion effect in the story, told by escape game, makes you believe in what is happening, get the most amount of impressions and emotions.

Regardless of whether you are going to build a escape room yourself or hire professional designer, following the  points below is required:

  • Selected story - follow it.

    The game plot unfolds in the Victorian era? Design premises, furniture, interior items must comply with this style.

  • Riddles, clues to them, should be approached by theme and design.

    In game about the stone century cannot be tips on mobile phones, iron objects, structures. Even if you came up with a fantastic puzzle, but it doesn't fit here, shouldn't attempted to fit it into the escape room.

  • According scenario necessary to plan puzzles position.

    If riddles require complex installation, wall integration, work with electrical wiring, you need to create the most effective in time and cost checklist for building, installation of puzzles and designing an escape room.

  • All work with electricity, game automation, must be performed by qualified specialists. It can cost reputation, or even life.

  • Through the escape room will be a lot of players. Some players have great imagination, some are sloppy or clumsy. In order not engage in an endless restoration of design, repair of furniture, props, needs creation durable, vandal-resistant environment.

  • Do not skimp on building materials. Walls need's cover with varnish. Reinforce pieces of furniture. Hide wires, regularly lubricate fittings, locks. Order vandal-proof props. These simple actions will help keep the design fresh as long as possible.

  • Don't ignore lighting, music.

    A competent light installation can create an additional entourage, accentuate dignity and neutralize disadvantages. High-quality musical accompaniment will increase emotional response and immersion effect.

If you don't have any skills, independent work with escape room building and designing can be quite expensive because of many unaccounted for nuances, the needs rework something. Therefore, before proceeding with escape room build, answer to the main questions:

  • Do you have building and design experience, superior knowledge of most people? Maybe any friends with this experience?

  • Do you want to make an escape room quickly? Cheap? Qualitatively?

  • Is there anything in scenario that requires special knowledge for its creation? If you make this on your own, how much time needs? How much will cost spent time?

I have been engaged escape room build and design for more than 3 years. Therefore, from experience I can say that without special skills, on my own to build a quality escape game that will really bring income without spending at least a lot of time, is a difficult task.

If you need help in escape room creation, contact me by e-mail or via my website. All necessary actions for escape game creation - scenario, puzzles, electronics, props, design, - I perform independently at the highest quality level, taking into account your budget, capabilities and needs.

With respect, Vladimir Kalugin.


Click on the picture and go to the page with a detailed story about the escape room creation:

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Ashdod, Israel

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With the sending of scenery and electronics from the RF.

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 Nice, France

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Photo report about escape room for children.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Photo from the process of building a children's escape room "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
WITHOUT sending decorations and electronics from the RF.

Creation of the "Matrix" escape room. Dusseldorf, Germany

The biggest escape room that I built. Read the construction report at the link below.

How the Mossad escape room was built. Ashdod, Izrael

Detailed photoreport about creation process of the escape room "Mossad - Shadow Wars" in Israel.

The story of the creation of the escape room “Apocalypse”. Alicante, Spain.

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I provide the following services

All the work is done personally: a script writer, an engineer, a decorator in one person.
You do not need to search for different performers and coordinate their work.
You ask the result from one person.

Making props for the escape room

Making photorealistic parts of bodies and corpses in full size if you are doing a terrible escape game.

Go to the propshop...

Script for the escape room

The script, which describes the puzzles and the plot, is the main document for the escape room construction.

With the help of a well-written script, you will build a successful and popular escape room that will receive good feedback from players and profits.

Soundtrack for the escape room

Background audio accompaniment.
Sounds of environment and special effects.
Professional processing by the sound engineer. Audio legend of the escape room by the voice of a professional announcer.
Average price: $ 500
The creation time is 3-7 days.

Download the archive with examples of sound files for the escape room...

Thank you for visiting my site

Ordering a script or building a escape room from me you get:
Builder with 3 years of experience building a escape games;
Engineer with an experience of working with electronics for more than 8 years;
Designer and decorator who will perform the creation of all the necessary objects of entourage for your escape room;
The scriptwriter who writes not only an interesting script with unusual puzzles, but also thinks how to save you money.

Sincerely, Vladimir Kalugin

Escape rooms creation services in the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, India, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal.
Script + making scenery + automation.