Portable escape game "Insomnia"

mystical detective escape game

Promo video for the escape game "Insomnia"

About this escape game

Players receive a box of 13 packs, each pack containing in-game items and physics puzzles.

Players open packages at a certain point in the game, this is done so that players do not get confused in a large number of puzzles and papers.

Players enter answers using the application.

The application is made on the web and therefore multiplatform. It only needs Internet access and a browser to work.

There, in the application, players read the plot of the game and watch video content.

The plot of the game

The plot of the game is based on the story of an ancient sect called the Church of the Eclipse.

Church members were obsessed with gaining superpowers, so they resorted to human sacrifice in the pursuit of power.

Church members learned about a ritual in which five Indigo children must be sacrificed in order to obtain magical powers.

Players must manage to save the missing child who will become the last fifth victim of the bloody ritual.


The game takes an average of 2 - 2.5 hours. The game can comfortably participate from 1 to 6 people.

Even inexperienced players will not experience stress and are smoothly drawn into the playing space. The complexity of the riddles grows gradually.

During the escape game, players make a choice several times (for example, which tunnel to go to), this gives an increase in the dynamics of the gameplay.

There are two finals in the game: a positive and a negative ending depends on the correct solution of the main riddle.

Development features

The development of this project took 5 months.

17 puzzles went into production, but in the course of work I tested more than 30 options to find the most playable and cheapest to play.

One of the main difficulties that I faced was the limitation on the cost of one set. It was difficult to fit a lot of physical items into a very small budget.

To get around this, I used a lot of "free materials" stones, branches and other natural objects.

Features of riddles

There are 17 puzzles in the game, each puzzle has its own unique game mechanics.

Also, when developing riddles, I actively used physical effects: thermal ink, permanent magnets, UV light, brittle plaster, a special erasable composition, aromatic essences.

In addition to logic puzzles, players must work with their hands, open hiding places, break, set fire, shine through, use their sense of smell.

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