Portable game - what is it? 

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Portable games allow you to conduct outing escape games.

Portable games are not inferior in fascination to classic rooms. Props and puzzles are made with great attention. A portable escape room easy fits in a passenger car. To prepare and conduct the game you need 1 person.

Portable escape room: Hacker Attack

Players - special forces of the FBI, which was created to stop a hacker attack on the country. The cyberterrorist group has completely paralyzed the important servers that manage electricity, water, airports, banks, and medical institutions.

Players must find the criminals and stop the attack in one hour. Otherwise, the servers will irrevocably be damaged and the country's infrastructure will be completely destroyed.

Players have all the necessary resources to complete the task. Only on the intelligence of the players depends on the fate of the whole country.

The game can be used as the base of a stationary escape room.

More info about game set

Features: a large number of electronic devices, a good game for IT companies, a lot of gadgets with a WOW effect.

Game time: two game mode - 30 or 60 minutes.

A number of players: 2-6.

Requirements for a place to play: table + access to electricity (3 sockets).

Tricks of the game: a puzzle with augmented reality, the use of interesting physical effects, unique electronic gadgets.

Game size: fits in several   boxes.

Price: 35 000$

portable escape room pop up game
portable escape room pop up game
portable escape room pop up game
portable escape room pop up game
portable escape room pop up game
portable escape room pop up game

Portable AR game: Space expedition

Game for children. Based on augmented reality technology.

The game consists of:

1) 3 Tablets with a protective case.

2) The server for the game.

4) Cardboard decorations.

5) A set of items for riddles.

Plot: children flew on a space rocket in space. The rocket breaks down, makes an emergency landing on an unknown planet. To win, children must fix the rocket and explore the planet.

This game has the ability to modify puzzles.

Using basic equipment, you can change the plot of the game.

Game features: Riddles in augmented reality, interactive puzzles physical activity. Beautiful and vibrant scenery.

Game time: 30 - 45 minutes.

Number of players: 2-7 (age from 8 years).

Requirements for a place to play: table + access to electricity.

Tricks of the game: interactive and dynamic puzzles on mobility and motility, interactive panel study of the rocket.

Game size: one small boxes + large panel decoration (180 cm. max) .

Price: 25 000$

puzzle portable escape game

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