Portable escape game
"Attack's Hackers" 2.0
smart escape game for away games and team building
Video presentation of AR riddle

About game

I did the development of this game in order to test the ideas started in the first version of game "Attack's Hackers" which I did for a client from Canada.
In the second version, I wanted to improve the successful riddles from the first version, and add new high-tech solutions.
As a result, we got a very rich and interesting gameplay with a set of riddles , which simply shocks the players. No one expected this depth from a simple board quest..

The plot of the game

A group of terrorist hackers attacked government servers that control:
- water supply
- airports
-transportation system
- electricity
The players are an FBI squad that must find all the terrorists as quickly as possible and capture them.


The game is designed for 60 minutes. During this time, a team of 2-6 players investigates the hacker attack bit by bit, collecting information.
I paid great attention to creating high-tech portable riddles.
Players investigate the clues that the administrator brings them. Among them
evidence of things that the task force managed to capture in the hackers' den that they left.
Using these evidence, players must find places where terrorists are hiding and also figure out their identities.
Obtaining new evidence is done in a very authentic way: players have a connection (via chat) with the SWAT capture group (American riot police) and tell them the alleged address where they need to search.
If the address is correct, players are brought a box with new evidence that has been "found" in that apartment.
In order to win, players must connect to the attacking system of hackers and deactivate it by collecting 5 special access keys.
Game information is given natively: through videos, audio or documents.
And disabling the attacking system of hackers is done on a large red suitcase with beautiful animation in the best traditions of Hollywood films.
The quest fits into several boxes. It is easy to transport it in a car.
But it needs to be connected to a 220 V power supply.

Development features

I left the base of the script as it was in the first version of the game.
But added more riddles.
Also made massive game objects such as a game station and a light cube.
To create a more atmospheric visual filling on the players' table.
The riddles are made of plywood and acrylic. All parts are cut on a CNC laser machine. I printed some parts on a 3d printer, which I bought for this particular project.
The difficulty in the development was that many riddles use energy and I could not hang wires for every riddle.
So I had to look for the best accumulators I could find. These were found in screwdrivers.
I also had to tinker with the augmented reality riddle. I was specifically looking for a tablet for this riddle that could work normally with AR.
Test games showed that the players really liked the game.
It was not possible to balance the riddles the first time.
But by the 3rd game, all the shortcomings were fixed and the portable quest "Attack of the Hackers" received high marks from the test groups.

Photo of the construction of the Portable escape game "Attack's Hackers" 2.0
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