Portable escape game
"Attack's Hackers"
portable escape game with elements of cybersecurity training
Video presentation of AR riddle

About game

A client from the Canadian city of Montreal approached me with an order to create a portable escape game that can be used for away games.
The game should take up little space but be interesting enough to interest adult players.

The plot of the game

Canadian government servers are being attacked by hackers.
Blocks air travel, disrupts traffic lights, the banking system, and water and electricity.
The task of the players is to find terrorists and return the damaged servers to work.


The game has about 14 rddles that are designed for 60 minutes of gameplay.
The game is suitable for teams of 2-6 people.

Even though this is a game, I made the riddles very similar to real-life cybercrime investigations with typical movie clichés.

Players receive evidence from crime scene boxes. While exploring these items, players find the names of the criminals and the places where they hide.

Development features

Most of the work on the project consisted of writing the script for the game.

The difficulty of portable escape games is that you need to cram a lot of riddles into a small volume and also a low cost of the project.

At the same time, there are restrictions on the use of electronic devices. After all, all the riddles should be on batteries so that the client does not depend on the presence of sockets at the place of the game.

In this version of the game, I made a small amount of props, just a few handmade riddles, a laptop and a smartphone.

Several applications have been written, one for a laptop, one for a smartphone.
AR technology was used for one of the mysteries. In the early versions of the kit, I used VR glasses, but then I decided to remove this feature due to its unreliability.

The set turned out to be very balanced and received great feedback from the players.
The games were attended not only by young people familiar with IT technologies on you, but also people of age. For example, below you can find a photo from a game for a nursing home.

Photo of developing a portable escape game hackers
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