Development of the escape room "Inside the Matrix"
building a cyberpunk escape room

About game

This escape room was ordered from me by clients from Germany, Dusseldorf.

They wanted to make a big interesting escape room, for groups of up to 8 people, in the style of a matrix.

They provided a baseline script that did some tweaks to the mysteries that I had doubts about.

The escape room took about 2 months to create. Which was not quite according to plan, because it was originally planned to do all the work in a month and a half.
This is due both to the delays on my part and to the delays of the builders who did the rough repairs and the erection of false walls.

The result was a very interesting and bright escape room, which was highly appreciated by German players.

The plot of the game

This game has no such plot.
Legend has it that our world is unreal. Players receive a message from a certain hacker who is confident that he has found a transition to the world of the matrix.

The second dimension of our virtual universe.
The players come to the designated place in his apartment, but there is no one there.

In search of an understanding of what happened, the players fall into the very matrix about which he spoke.

And now the players are already fighting for their lives, trying to return to reality.
Or is reality the matrix?

Players will find out the answer to this question after completing the escape room.


The game has 3 large locations. The game is designed for 60 minutes.

Since the locations have a large footage (the smallest room is 25 m2), 2-8 people can play it at the same time without hesitation.

So that the players do not interfere with each other in all rooms, the riddles are made in parallel.

All rooms have a different stylistic design.
The first location is the hacker's office. It is made in cyberpunk style with neon lights and a lot of electronic gadgets.

The second location is the virtual world. It is a black room with neon symbols on the walls.
The third location is the metro station. She copies the location of the same name from the movie The Matrix.

Such a selection of styles is made so that during the transition, players experience a little shock from different environments.
This effect is especially strong when players move from 2 to 3 white room.

Development features

I came to the construction of the escape room on New Year's Eve. What played a negative factor. In addition to the fact that everything is closed on weekends, I also ended up on New Year's holidays.

And according to Murphy's law, it is when the hardware store is closed that you need to go there for self-tapping screws.

It was interesting to catch bugs and problems associated with wires, because of the giant premises (it is hard to see in the photo) the voltage from the power board dropped significantly until it reached the executing mechanism.
I did not immediately understand this, and spent several days figuring out what was the matter.

In terms of engineering, Germany is a wonderful country, there are all natural-born builders and it is a pleasure to go to choose components from construction and electronic stores.

Consultants understand you (which is rare in other countries) and they have a huge assortment.

The clients themselves took an active part in the work on the escape room, for example, the application of glowing symbols in the black room was their merit.

The room where the escape room was built was located in the city center, so I even managed to walk around the outskirts of Dusseldorf.

Project photo
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