Development of a computer teambuilding escape room
development of a scenario for a teambuilding PC game
Promo video of the game

About game

The guys from Minsk approached me with an order to make a game design for a network game.

This is a multiplayer first-person escape room in which players must solve riddles together.
This game was made for a company from Canada Ottawa.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, large companies are faced with the problem of the impossibility of holding teambuilding events in reality.

And so we decided to make a computer escape room game in order to improve the cohesion and team spirit of employees through joint activities.

It took about 2 months to develop the script for the game. The work was carried out jointly with the developers of the game. In this project, I only dealt with game design, creating a script for riddles, positioning elements on the map, and scripting a video of the game.

The plot of the game

2020, misfortune struck the earth that threatens to destroy the entire human civilization, a huge asteroid flies from the depths of space into our planet.
Earthlings try to save the earth by blowing up an asteroid, but the mission has failed.

An hour remains until the end of the world.
People are hastily evacuated to underground shelters in the hope that a small part of the planet's population will be able to survive.

But a group of players refuses to give up and goes to an abandoned laboratory where, when a laser weapon was being developed to combat space objects.

Players must enter a secret bunker and be able to start the units and finish the work of scientists who are at a dead end.
But the players only have 1 hour before the collision.


The game is made on the Unreal Engine.
Players download game clients and connect to the server.

The game is designed for teams of 2 to 8 people.
Since the quest is made in virtual reality, there are a lot of locations and they are large.
There are countless mysteries and game mechanics.

From simple combinations of buttons to switching mirrors of huge laser systems.

Riddles are arranged so that it is physically possible to solve them only together.
That is, the game itself pushes users to complete the escape room as a team.

There is also a test room in the game, since we do not know what level users will play in it, before starting, the player enters the white rooms in which the training takes place:
- how to walk
- how to press buttons
- what you can do and what not in this game

Development features

Since the game was created on the basis of a ready-made level from the aaset store.

For me, as a game designer, the main task was to adjust to the current location and figure out how to place the escape room riddles in the existing structure of the premises.

The world map was a huge laboratory comprising a large building above the ground and a 2nd floor of underground halls.
These are about 16 large rooms.

There are about 30 riddles in the game in total. Half of the players can only pass together because it requires simultaneous well-coordinated actions, for example, pressing the levers together, or acting on the prompts of a friend blindly.
There were several programmers in the team, the leveler was the team lead, and me.
I interacted with the team through the team lead.

He set tasks for the priority areas of the game that need to be worked out in the script.

Then I "flew" around the map making screenshots with comments on where and what part of the map needs to be redone.
And also drew riddles and put them on the map places where the 3D modeler had to place them.

The programmers of the project wrote the logic and brought the riddles to life using the description of the riddles from the script.

The script size for this project was 88 script pages + 50 document pages with level edits.

Photo from the design document of the game
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