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Puzzle: decoder wires

Players decode numbers using this device.

The task of the players using the figure is to connect the wires to get a digit on the screen.

This puzzle easily integrates anywhere in your game.

Set included: device,, set of wires 10 pieces.

Watch the video review:


Puzzle: obscura camera

Players will connect the battery.

Then they clamp the button and look into the hole in the device.

Inside the device, you can place any inscription or other information so that players can see it.

There is a 4-digit code in the basic configuration inside.

Set included: device, 2 battery, set of stickers for creating new batteries, replaceable "crocodile" wires.

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Puzzle: monitor "hacking" tool 

A device for hacking a laptop’s security system.

Players lean the device against the monitor, the device shows the code, players enter the code into the computer, the program shows the information.

In the basic configuration, the text + code is displayed.

Watch the video to understand how the device works.

Set include: device, charger, program for a notebook or computer.

Watch the video review:


Puzzle: secret vision

The device will encode a digital 4-digit code. Players use a camera (such as a phone camera) to see a code that flashes the device.

Without using the camera, the human eye does not see the blinking LED.

Watch the video to understand the principle of the device.

Set include: device, charger.

Watch the video review:


Puzzle “radioactive cell”

The device will encode a word of 8 characters.

Players use the plate visualizer to see the code.

This is an unusual physical effect that gives a “wow” effect to players.

Set include: device, 2 plates of a visualizer.

Watch the video review:


Puzzle “cryptographic suitcase”

This device allows players to give a 4-digit code when solving the puzzle correctly.

Players solve a logical puzzle (a puzzle is included in the set) enter the answer into the device using the toggle switches.

Watch the video to understand how it works.

Set include: case, logic puzzle (2 prints).

Watch the video review:


Horror light

Flashlight for a scary game.

You can turn the flashlight on or off using the remote control.

Scare the players: the master of the game will turn off the lights at the right moment so that the players are in the dark.

Allows you to make a unique gaming experience by depriving players of lighting.

Flashlight - 1

Battery - 1

Charger - 1

Remote control - 1

Great solution for:

- scary games about maniac

- paranormal games

- the mystical chorus of the game in an abandoned house

- pranks and fun on friends

The maximum distance of the radio control is 50-300 meters* 

*in direct line of sight without walls


Battery for horror light

An extra battery allows you to play more games.

With an extra battery, you can play non-stop games.

An additional battery will protect your game from a sudden stop of the game.

Maximum battery life: 13-14 hours.

Recommended time: 8-9 hours.

Charging time: 1-1.5 hours.

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